Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz worked closely with their director to ensure their 'Disobedience' sex scene was perfect.

Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz

Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz

The pair collaborated closely with director Seabastián Lelio to choreograph the scene and all three were in agreement that there would be no nudity as it was not essential to the story.

Lelio told Den of Geek: "That was very organic. It was a long conversation. I always knew that the hotel scene, the big love scene, was the heart of the film. I knew it had to be long. It was all about duration, I mean screen time. At the same time, I really wanted to explore the possibility of portraying a very erotic and urgent encounter without nudity, so how to do that. Then I storyboarded everything, and I presented the idea to them, and we were all in agreement. I had this idea of instead of showing skin we'd find very specific acts that we rarely see on screen or in these kind of films and go for them. That's why I think that scene has a very particular strong identity."

Leilo also believes the scene gives audience a greater insight into McAdams' and Weisz's characters, who had a relationship while growing up in an extremely conservative Orthodox Jewish community.

He added: "We have two women that are somehow, that have lost an important part of what constitutes their personality. With this re-encounter, they manage to re-integrate those areas. Ronit recovers somehow her origins, and Esti gets back in touch with who she really is sexually."

Meanwhile, McAdams recently revealed she experienced an "energy" she's never felt before during her sex scene with Weisz in 'Disobedience'.

She said: "Often, you're trying to decide if it's gratuitous or not.

"But this scene felt so integral to the plot and moving the story forward. The characters need this release to open up ... There was energy to that scene that I haven't experienced in any other sex scenes [with men] in my career."