Rachel Weisz is fascinated that her new film 'Disobedience' tackles the juxtaposition between modern liberal beliefs and traditional religion.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz

The drama film is about two lesbian lovers living in an Orthodox Jewish community in Hendon, North London - set just "a few stops on the Northern Line away" from where the 48-year-old actress grew up - and Weisz thinks it's important to understand that being homosexual is still "taboo" in some communities, despite changes in law and attitudes.

In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: "I love the fact that it's contemporary. It's just a few stops up the Northern Line where I grew up - and people are living in a community where to be gay is taboo. You cannot stay in that community if and be a gay man or gay woman. I thought the juxtaposition of modernity and this old, deeply traditional world would create a very interesting drama. "

The movie - which is adapted from Naomi Alderman's 2006 novel of the same name - stars and was produced by Weisz and follows the story of New York photographer Ronit Krushka as she travels to back London, to the Orthodox community that shunned her decades earlier for her attraction to her friend Esti, played by Rachel McAdams.

The 'Mummy' star explained how her character Ronit - the daughter of a respected rabbi - struggles to balance her faith and her sexuality.

She said: "She wants to be who she really is, and she wants her faith. But you can't have both there."

The movie was directed by Sebastian Leilo - and Rachel praised the discreet way in which he shot erotic scenes between her and McAdams, whose alter ego Esti has hidden her lesbianism and got married to a man.

She said: "Sebastian wanted the scene to be focused on their faces. Besides being very romantic and emotional and passionate, it gives Esti the courage to come out."

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