Roland Emmerich originally wanted to make a 'Moonfall' trilogy.

Roland Emmerich planned to make a 'Moonfall' trilogy

Roland Emmerich planned to make a 'Moonfall' trilogy

The 66-year-old filmmaker has helmed the new sci-fi blockbuster and explained that he wanted it to be the first of three movies, but is now uncertain about making follow-up projects.

In an interview with Collider, Roland said: "I'm not very high on sequels. But I tried this time to make this a trilogy, but I am not sure even if I want it anymore.

"I think if I do a sequel, I will make it a little bit more like the original 'Star Wars', the second one will have a huge cliffhanger. Because that's totally lost on people.

"Everything always has to be clean cut. Why not leave them hanging and say, 'We left you hanging, see the conclusion in two years.'"

The flick features a cast that includes Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and Donald Sutherland, and follows a group of unlikely individuals tasked with saving the Earth when the moon is knocked off orbit by a mysterious force. Roland has suggested that there is more space action compared to his previous movies – which include 'Independence Day'.

The director explained: "Well, it was just the idea that the moon is not what you think it is. That somebody must have built it. Which is crazy and amazing, right?

"Then you learn who built it, which I cannot give away. But alone that somebody kind of put something like out there and there's kind of, let's say the bad guy, which is the nano swarm, who finally found us and that's how the whole movie starts.

"In this movie, there is not so much, I would say, Earth action than you normally find in my movies. It's a space movie, and to a lesser degree, that the moon is falling on Earth."