Ryan Phillippe and Kate Beckinsale are leading the cast of 'The Patient'.

Ryan Phillippe leads the cast of The Patient

Ryan Phillippe leads the cast of The Patient

Director Mukunda Michael Dewil penned the screenplay for the thriller, which also stars Kelly Greyson and David Cade, and the under-the-radar project has already wrapped principal photography, which took place in Alabama earlier this year.

A logline for the movie states: “When The Patient (Phillippe) wakes up in a hospital without any recollection of what happened to him, he is issued a life he doesn’t remember by the inscrutable Dr. Rose (Beckinsale). But soon he comes to suspect that he’s being manipulated in order to protect a powerful politician implicated in a murder."

The film is launching in the Cannes market with International Film Trust, with Sales President Christian de Gallegos on hand to screen a promo for distributors.

Producer Robert Ogden Barnum of The Barnum Picture Company said in a statement: “The Patient is my third time getting to join forces with Ryan and Mukunda and just as on our previous two films, it’s been a fantastic experience. Mukunda’s stellar script speaks for itself and adding Kate into the mix is the cherry on top.”

Benaroya Pictures CEO and IFT Founder Michael Benaroya added: “With its twisted thriller ride and outstanding cast, 'The Patient' is exactly the type of project for which we’re always on the lookout.

"Ryan and Kate are terrific actors that resonate with distributors worldwide.”

Ryan recently spoke of how he's turned to religion and found "peace".

Reflecting on his movie 'Prey', he told Fox News Digital: "It's interesting because I was kind of in a darker place when we filmed this, and it was right after filming it where I went on this spiritual journey where I started going really deep inside.

"I got back into reading the Bible and various other religious tomes, but I found myself drawn to this notion of spirituality.

"You get to a point in life, a certain age, and the things that you thought would bring you pleasure or make you feel satisfied - these would be success or money - and it doesn't. It doesn't.

"And so you look for more. And I'm so thankful for what I've been given and for the experiences that I've had and for my children and everything else. But I wanted to have a relationship and understanding with God, and I was craving that."