Sofia Boutella cut her own hair on camera for ‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver’.

Sofia Boutella cuts her hair in Rebel Moon Part 2

Sofia Boutella cuts her hair in Rebel Moon Part 2

The 41-year-old actress sports a shorter crop as Kora, the former Imperium soldier turned rebel ringleader, in the upcoming film and director Zack Snyder praised the star for not only agreeing to the radical change, but making it part of the story.

He told Empire magazine: “That’s her Imperium haircut.

“What’s cool is that in the movie, Sofia cuts it herself and we did it on the day.”

Sofia’s alter ego is at the heart of the new film.

Zack said: “She’s shielding us from her real involvement and there’s a bit of conflict around what she’s done.

“But in the end, what she offers the group, her skillset and her desire to redeem herself, makes her a powerful asset.”

The xx-year-old filmmaker promised the movie will have more action than ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire’, which was released In December.

He said: “It’s a war film, 100 per cent. It’s got way more action than the first movie, very intense and crazy action…

“It’s absolutely an emotional rollercoaster you’re going to be on with these cats.

“We discover the backstories of our heroes, and there is an interesting correlation between what’s happened to most of them to make this battle cathartic and symbolic.”

And Jimmy the warrior robot, who is voiced by Sir Anthony Hopkins, also has a “much bigger role” in the story.

The director said: “He plays a much bigger role.

“I feel like Jimmy is at the point where he’s got to decide whether he wants to really fight. That’s a big question.”