Today (May 20th, 2022) marks the release of an all-new trailer for a forthcoming drama starring Rebecca Palmer, Niamh Walter, and Nyobi Hendry. 

Summer in the Shade is heading to digital download next month (June, 2022), and tells the tale of a holiday gone wrong, as young Grace (Walter) must confront her worst fears. 

It’s summertime, 1997, and 12-year-old Grace and 11-year-old Asta (Hendry) have been friends pretty much their whole lives. When Grace’s father leaves unexpectedly, Grace’s attention turns to religion and the supernatural, which soon becomes an obsession. 

When the summer holidays are over, the girls go to stay with Asta’s mother, Kate (Palmer). It is there that Grace becomes even more troubled, and must confront the demons that shroud her... 

Director of Summer in the Shade, Alice Millar, has said that the film is “an exploration into the trauma of puberty and the experience of self-disgust experienced by most women as they deal with changing from a little girl to a sexualised being. Universally this is a difficult time and for many, is accompanied by deep psychological fear and existential revulsion. The body swells and starts to bleed."

Nyobi Hendry.and Niamh Walter in Summer in the Shade / Picture Credit: Central City Media
Nyobi Hendry.and Niamh Walter in Summer in the Shade / Picture Credit: Central City Media

Millar goes on to say that she believes “this experience is fairly universal, and it is important that it is dealt with and acknowledged in the cultural consciousness, as the ramifications of this time can affect an entire life." 

The trailer for Summer in the Shade is an eerie, separated teaser that lets silence do a lot of the talking. It shows that for a young girl, puberty can be a very confusing time, especially with family issues in the foreground. 

Based on what Millar has said about the upcoming feature, it is clear that she feels strongly about the film’s message, and that problems many young girls face when going through puberty, a difficult time for many. 

Summer in the Shade will be available on digital download on June 20th, 2022. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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