Todd Haynes finds Julianne Moore's work "fascinating".

Too Haynes loves working with Julianne Moore

Too Haynes loves working with Julianne Moore

The 62-year-old director's latest movie, 'May December', marks the fifth time he has worked with the Oscar-winning actress because they share similar interests when it comes to the themes of their work, and he is always impressed by what she brings to the screen.

Speaking to Deadline's Breaking Baz column, Todd gushed: “Oh, she’s singular in so many ways.

“There’s this interaction between something transparent and inexplicable, impenetrable about her … or not impenetrable, but there’s an interplay between something that you can’t entirely comprehend and then something you can see right though.

"And the way she navigates between the two is just a mysterious, fascinating thing that she brings to the medium. And I think she knows that the camera sees things that the human eye doesn’t see in the room, but the camera sees and the audience then sees it on the screen.

"So everything about this medium is built for things she understands and brings to life.

“And she’s interested in similar kinds of inscrutable subjects and characters as I am, and stories that are not easily resolved. And characters who are far from heaven, far from heroic."

Natalie Portman, who also stars in and produced the melodrama, initially brought the script to Todd and it "really landed" with him and he liked the fact it made him feel "uncomfortable".

He said: “I just thought the script was just remarkable. And it made me uncomfortable and made me question myself.

“Oh, the attitudes that you bring to these characters keep shifting,and neither of the women are ever redeemed by the story.

"And just when you think you know what you feel about a character or an event,something happens and you have to rethink it .

"That doesn’t happen in a lot of movies today. And that’s what movies are, as far as I’m concerned.”