When it came to nineties movies, there were not many that were better than Pulp Fiction - hard to believe that the film celebrated its twentieth anniversary last year.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

The movie marked the return of Quentin Tarantino to the director's chair and, while he had already made and released Reservoir Dogs in 1993, it was Pulp Fiction that really put him on the map as a filmmaker and writer to watch out for.

Not only did Pulp Fiction hint that Tarantino was an exciting and different kind of director, it also showed that the nonlinear structure really could work in a movie. Tarantino was brave enough not to tell the story in the traditional way of beginning, middle, and end, and it proved to be a remarkable leap of faith. While the nonlinear format was nothing new, it was not a method that was being used much in movies being made at that time.

Tarantino's nonlinear style really did help revitalise this type of storytelling and it was something that we saw more and more in movies in the years that followed.

For me, Pulp Fiction remains the best of Tarantino's work so far - it also happens to be my favourite of all of his movies. Pulp Fiction is a movie that is as great a watch today as it was when it was released back in 1994. Tarantino found the perfect mix of violence, action and humour, with some of the best and most quotable dialogue of all time.

Pulp Fiction is a movie that is so thrillingly alive - that is largely thanks to the colourful and larger than life characters and wonderful dialogue that jumped off the screen and was instantly memorable. Over twenty year on, this is a movie that has not lost that spark that made it such a wonderful watch.

Tarantino skilfully blends all of the stories of Jules, Vincent, Mia Wallace, Marsellus Wallace, and Butch Coolidge together to make a movie that has a real energy and a flow to it. It may not have a traditional film structure, but that just makes it even more of an engaging and interesting watch.

Pulp Fiction is a movie that I have watched many times over the years, and not one single aspect of this film has diminished due to the passing of time. Jules and Vincent remain two of the greatest characters that Tarantino had ever created - this really was the movie that relaunched John Travolta's acting career.

The movie grossed over $107 million at the U.S. box office it became the most successful cult hit of all time and the first indie film to gross over $100 million.

Pulp Fiction still remains one of the most commercially successful independent movies as Tarantino once again highlighted the growing interest in this genre of film and it could do well at the box office if marketed successfully.

Pulp Fiction was a critical smash as well as a commercial hit and went on to be nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture, best Director for Travolta, and Best Director for Tarantino. Tarantino walked away with Best Screenplay for his work on the script.

Since 1994, Tarantino has gone on to enjoy more critical and box office success but, for me, he has never made a movie that has bettered the fantastic Pulp Fiction.

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