When it comes to the Scream franchise, there have been some pretty violent and gory kills. Some deaths have been vanilla, whilst directors have pulled out all of the stops for others, making sure they stick in the mind long after you’ve finished watching the horror movies.

Here, we take a look back at all of the Ghostface killers revealed throughout the Scream series so far, ranking them by brutality and of course, their success in masterminding the Woodsboro massacres they’ve been engaged in…

NOTE: There will be spoilers for all five of the Scream movies to-date, so only read on if you’ve watched the films already!

9. Richie Kirsch

Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures
Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

Our most recent reveal was that of Richie (Jack Quaid) in the fifth Scream flick. Whilst it was an exciting move on behalf of the screenwriters, fans did some digging and actually realised that Richie wasn’t capable of getting the job done when it came to bringing the lives of those who attacked to a close. Being killed by the daughter of the original Ghostface, he was actually just a pawn to Amber (Mikey Madison) all along. Speaking of pawns…

8. Charlie Walker

Picture Credit: Dimension Films
Picture Credit: Dimension Films

Charlie (Rory Culkin) isn’t the most successful Ghostface killer, either. When he tried to kill the one woman he had been trying to get with for years - only to fall at the final hurdle when she gave in to his advances - he flopped. Kirby (Hayden Panettiere) was confirmed as being alive and well in this year’s Scream. The only reason we’re moving Charlie above Richie, is because of the way in which he butchered Olivia (Marielle Jaffe), all whilst Kirby and Jill (Emma Roberts) watched on from across the street. She was stabbed repeatedly, thrown around her room, smashed through a window and ultimately, gutted. Ouch.

7. Mickey Altieri

Going back to the original trilogy, Mickey (Timothy Olyphant) was a movie obsessive who met Debbie Loomis (Laurie Metcalf) on the internet. She offered to pay for his tuition so he could carve out an infamous legacy as a serial killer, and that’s exactly what he did. With five kills to his name and, two speculated, he’ll always be remembered in Woodsboro. Unfortunately for him, he’ll also be known as the guy who was crossed by the woman pulling his strings.

6. Stu Macher

Picture Credit: Dimension Films
Picture Credit: Dimension Films

As one half of the original Ghostface duo, Stu (Matthew Lillard) has gone down in Woodsboro history for all the wrong reasons. Along with helping his friend slaughter Sidney’s (Neve Campbell) mother, he helped in the killings of Steven Orth (Kevin Patrick Walls), Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) and legendary cameraman, Kenny Jones (W. Earl Brown).

5. Mrs. Loomis

Though Mrs. Loomis only killed Randy (Jamie Kennedy), it was one of the most violent attacks we’ve ever witnessed in the Scream series. After hearing him bashing her late son, the original Ghostface, it may be the case that she was never actually planning on killing Randy in that moment, but gave in to her murderous urges due to that family tie. A shame, as Randy was one of the best Scream characters of all time.

4. Amber Freeman

Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures
Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

Amber’s most brutal kill? Taking down none other than serial survivor, Dewey. “It’s an honour,” she told him, as she stuck two blades - one in the front and one in the back - deep inside him. Pushing the knife upwards, Dewey was killed, after escaping some pretty brutal injuries in the past, leaving his ex Gale (Courteney Cox) and friend Sidney absolutely heartbroken. 

3. Roman Bridger

As the only Ghostface killer who worked on his own so far, Roman had to finish up high on our list, no matter what you think of Scream 3. He killed a whopping nine people during his massacre, before being revealed as Sidney’s half-brother and trying to take her life. One of his most shocking kills was allowing a gas explosion, which saw one of the actors on his film set incinerated in fiery fashion.

2. Jill Roberts

When it comes to crazed killers, they don’t come much loopier than Jill. She injured herself and was taken close to the brink of death, all in a bid to become the ‘sole survivor’ and famous, after growing jealous of Sidney’s life in the spotlight. She even murdered her accomplice Charlie, wanting to claim the fame all for herself. Perhaps her most cold-blooded moment, was stabbing her mother quite literally in the back, taking her life in doing so. 

1. Billy Loomis

Picture Credit: Dimension Films
Picture Credit: Dimension Films

Perhaps predictably, the iconic Billy Loomis - played expertly by Skeet Ulrich - sits at the top of our list. He was the man that brought the Ghostface mask into Woodsboro, after murdering Sidney's mother a year before the massacre on the town's students began, so he's certainly left a legacy. Not only that, but his illegitimate daughter Sam is now also a part of the Scream franchise, so his memory will never be forgotten. Pure evil, but maniacally genius, too.

The Scream franchise continues with its sixth instalment, set to hit cinemas on March 31st, 2023. We’ll bring you more news as and when we get it.

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