Picture Credits (l-r): Roku, Partizan, Pop
Picture Credits (l-r): Roku, Partizan, Pop

Another month means a whole new batch of content for The Roku Channel! From movies such as Left Behind, to Roku Originals like Swimming with Sharks, this platform has something for everyone this month (April, 2022). 

Check out what Roku has to offer its users below: 

The Humbling

A comedy-drama starring Al Pacino, The Humbling, will be hitting Roku this month. The feature follows Pacino’s character, Simon, who's an ageing stage actor who suffers with dementia and is institutionalised after trying to take his own life.

Simon then falls in love with a youthful woman named Pegeen (Greta Gerwig), but things may not be as they seem... 

Left Behind

Based on a New York Times bestseller of the same name, and starring Hollywood icon Nicolas Cage, viewers are invited to imagine what the world would be like if everything in the world just... disappeared. 

The chaos inflicted on Earth may be due to the Rapture, so Rayford (Cage) and his daughter Chloe (Cassi Thompson) must fight to survive.

The Guvnors

Also coming onto Roku this April is a British crime feature, which follows a man who once walked away from violence, only for it to come back with a vengeance through his own son. The film sees gangs fight for their rights in a battle that could turn bloody.


Fantabulosa is a comedy-drama that portrays the life of Kenneth Williams based on his diaries. Originally released in 2006, the film stars Michael Sheen and Cheryl Campbell, with Andy De Emmony having served as director.

Guardians of the Tomb

This sci-fi thriller, is bound to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight. The Australian-Chinese horror film unveils the secrets of the mummified Chinese Emperor. 

A 2000-year-old nightmare becomes free, creating a world of chaos in which the Guardians must put an end to. The movie stars Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and Kellan Lutz (Twilight).


Moonwalkers is a feature that details what life would be like if humanity never took those iconic steps on the moon. Find out what the past could have shown, and how a fake moon landing may have been created, in this crime-comedy starring Rupert Grint, Ron Perlman and Robert Sheehan. 

Famous Homes & Hideaways

Want to see the lives of the rich and famous? Well this April, you can! Famous Homes & Hideaways gives audiences a look into the places that celebrities call home. Donna Hanover hosts this exciting series speaking with celebs in their luxurious homes. 

Swedish Dicks 

Swedish Dicks is an American-Swedish comedy that follows two private investigators who are trying to make a living in Los Angeles. The show stars Peter Stormare (Prison Break) and Keanu Reeves (John Wick franchise).

Other Space

Other Space is a sci-fi comedy that sees a young crew heading off into space. The series takes place in the 22nd century, and follows the dysfunctional crew of an exploratory spaceship who become trapped in an troubling, unknown universe.

Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks is a new and exclusive Roku Original that stars Kiernan Shipka and Diane Kruger. The series follows a young assistant who realises that her new job has her surrounded by an odd assortment of people... 

Peppa Pig Minis

Peppa Pig Minis sees everyone’s favourite pig return, just in time for the school holidays! Peppa will be testing out new activities, and getting into all-new types of chaos! Perfect to sit the little ones in front of when you need a minute.

Mackenzie Turner

Mackenzie Turner is back! Watch Turner, everyone’s favourite YouTube star, explore the amazing world of sweetness! Another one that the youngsters will adore; especially those who are obsessed with the latest YouTube craze.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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