Over the past few years band reunions have been popping up everywhere. Take That led the way, and other bands followed after noting their instant success. But it had cooled down a little, until now.

Steps, a successful band of the 90’s have jumped on the reunion band wagon. But this was a little different that most bands. Other bands actually liked each other when reunion discussions had started. But for those of you who can remember Steps did not end too well. Claire and H decided to leave the rest of the band; Lisa, Faye and Lee in the lurch. Steps Reunion, a four part programme, on Sky Living followed the band as they attempted to repair rifts that were made ten years earlier. There were tears, awkward silences and lots and lots of questions. But despite the frosty start the band moved on and are now back together.

They have embarked on a tour of the country and Sky Living will be following them every step of the way again. This six part series begins Monday 23rd at 9pm. Audiences will get to see the band performing for their tour, as well as getting to grips with being on the road again, away from their families and friends.

Last year it was announced that Blue would reunite. Lee Ryan, Duncan James, Antony Costa and Simon Webbe had joined together once again and began preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest. Their single “I Can” was successful and the band finished in 11th place, with 100 points. It has been revealed by the band that they are working with Ne-Yo and Bruno Mars, on their new album. Their new single is set to be released in May of this year.

And it’s not just English groups to have reformed recently. American boy band Backstreet Boys are also back. They are also currently in the middle of a world wide tour, with band New Kids On The Block. Despite missing one of their original members, Kevin Richardson, they are as popular as ever. The live 02 show on the 29th April, is set to a big night for the band. Their show will be broadcast live to fans in cinemas all over Europe, giving fans who could not get tickets, the opportunity to experience the concert for themselves, in real time.

Pop groups have overtaken the reunion scene, but there is still space left over for other genres. American rock band Blink 182 ended their indefinite hiatus in 2009. A new album was penned and a world tour was arranged. But it was announced that the tour was going to be postponed until 2012 because the album was not ready. The band wished to play new material, as well as old. Their album Neighborhoods, was released on the 27th September and received great reviews. The bands United Kingdom leg of the tour begins in June in Birmingham. From there they will also go on to play dates in Europe, including venues in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

And finally Take That. Although the boys have been back for a while now, you can’t ignore them when writing an article about band reunions. They began the initial surge in band reunion and have maintained steady success since then. Then on 15th November the world welcomed an album from the original Take That line-up. The album tilted “Progress” peaked at number 2 in the UK album charts. The band then embarked on a huge, visually stunning tour, in which Robbie also performed some of his well known solo material. Since they have reformed Take That have become even more popular. Gary Barlow became a judge of the X Factor and has also appeared in the latest M&S advert. A new album is expected towards the end of 2012 and there have even been rumours that Take That will open the London 2012 Olympics Games.

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