A whole bunch of celebrities have joined together this year in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, recording the Christmas single Rock with Rudolph and hoping to take the number one spot for the festive season this year! Gail Porter is amongst those featured on the single, so we caught up with the star to find out why she got involved, her experience with singing and more...

Gail Porter was just one of the many stars featured in Rock with Rudolph

Gail Porter was just one of the many stars featured in Rock with Rudolph

Hello! So, can you tell us a little bit about your project with Great Ormond Street Hospital? 

I was approached by Saga Entertainment a while ago to ask if I would be interested in taking part in a recording a Christmas single.  I can’t sing a note but I instantly said yes. Great Ormond Street Hospital is such a wonderful place, not just for the children it cares for but for the families affected by their children’s illness.

How was it coming together to film the track and the video for Rock With Rudolph? Do you have any funny stories from the day?

It was amazing coming together to work on the project as everyone was so enthusiastic and delighted to be involved. It felt so wonderfully Christmassy and humbling. I did feel old as I must admit, I wasn’t sure who a lot of the young ones were! 

I had been staying with my lovely friend, the super model, Eunice Olumide, the evening before and she asked if she could come along and would they mind. I think they were utterly delighted she got involved. And she loved it. 

What was the best thing about the recording experience?

The whole day was wonderful and it was great getting to meet everyone and just laugh all day long, knowing we were doing something fabulous for such a great hospital. 

Will you be heading back into the recording booth anytime soon?!

I am always up for being in a recording studio as it was so much fun; I look forward to returning to do another record with Saga Entertainment next year.

Which of the others celebs did you bond with the most throughout the process?

I instantly was drawn to Anne Hegerty. She is adorable and we kept in touch. And I was delighted that Lionel Blair was there. We have worked together before so that was a lovely surprise and involved a huge reunion cuddle. 

Did you find the prospect of singing so publicly nerve-wracking? Were you nervous?

I was nervous about singing as I can’t! I blended into the background and said a definite no to doing anything solo. I think my daughter was more mortified as she has heard me sing!

Can you give us a few hints about what you’ll be up to in 2019?

I have a book coming out next year. An autobiography that has taken me blooming ages to write! I’m also the ambassador for a company called Creditfix. We help people manage debts as I have been there and it’s a terrifying situation to be in. 

Finally, what are you most looking forward to this yuletide period?

Christmas is all about Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for me. I love it. Christmas lights, roasting marshmallows, mulled wine and fun fair rides. What’s not to love?

Rock with Rudolph is available now through Saga Entertainment, on iTunes and other digital platforms.