Tina Turner: 'Cher Inspired Me To Leave Ike'....

Tina Turner has confessed Cher inspired her to leave her abusive marriage to ex-husband Ike - because her pal looked so happy as a single woman.Tina left Ike in July 1976, a year after Cher ended her marriage to Sonny Bono.The pair were close pals and Turner admits she was fascinated watching Cher take to being a single woman.Speaking on an Oprah Winfrey Show special on Thursday (8May08), during which she performed onstage with Cher, Turner says, "I just remember she was so free.I admired her freedom.".But the 68-year-old diva admits being on her own was tough at first. She says, "I called it Tina's Operation Oops, because I made so many oops. But I slowly learned.".Meanwhile in seperate news its been revealed Cher had to embark on a monster tour after leaving ex-husband Sonny Bono - because a judge forced her to pay him $2 million (£1 million).Her decision to end her partnership and marriage with Bono in 1975 cost the pair a fortune in lost contracts, and Cher was obliged to compensate her ex-husband.

But she stuck to her decision, and preferred to work off her debt, than stick in a loveless marriage.

Speaking during an Oprah Winfrey Show special, which aired on Thursday (8May08), Cher says, "Sonny and I had all these contracts, that amounted to $6 or 7 million. The judge said if you pull out, you have to pay him the amount he would have earned.

"I owed him $2 million. It was hard for me. I just kept working. I stayed on the road until it was paid off.".

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