Brian Johnson is set to release the memoir, 'The Lives of Brian'.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

The AC/DC legend's tell-all tome, which will follow his upbringing and storied life on the road in one the most iconic rock bands of all time, will be published on October 26 by Penguin Books.

He said in a statement: “I’ve had some long nights and some great nights, bad days and a lot of good ones.

 “I’ve gone from choirboy to rock’n’roll singer, and now I’ve gone and written a bloody book about it.”

The book will also touch on the 73-year-old frontman's battle with his hearing, which saw him ordered to stop performing live five years ago or end up going completely deaf.

The blurb reads: “For over a decade [Johnson] tried to make his mark with a succession of bands. He appeared on 'Top of the Pops', toured Australia and yet the big time looked out of reach.

“Then he was invited to London for an audition for one of the world’s biggest rock acts. AC/DC were a band in crisis following the tragic death of their lead singer, Bon Scott, but with Brian on board they would record their masterpiece: ‘Back in Black’. It became the biggest-selling rock album of all time. The tour that followed played to packed-out arenas. Quickly embraced by the band’s fans, the new boy had earned his spurs.

“But there was to be a twist in the tale. In 2016, Brian was forced to quit the band after being diagnosed with hearing loss, only to make a triumphant return to the band he loved with the release of 2020’s smash hit album ‘Power Up’.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of a life, throughout which Brian’s kept his feet firmly on the ground, never losing touch with his roots.”

The autobiography comes after AC/DC made a comeback last year with their first album since 2014’s ‘Rock Or Bust’, 'Power Up'.

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