Bon Scott's lost recordings from the late singer's stint in rock band Fraternity will be released as a special boxset.

Bon Scott

Bon Scott

Before becoming AC/DC's lead vocalist in 1974 until his untimely death in 1980, the rock legend - who tragically passed away, aged 33, after he choked on his own vomit following a drinking session - was the frontman for the Australian rock band between 1971 and 1973.

And on January 22, Cherry Red Records will drop the remastered collection, which boasts their albums ‘Livestock’ and ‘Flaming Galah’, singles and everything in between, which have been dusted off of tapes kept by their manager, Hamish Henry.

Fans will get to hear Scott's vocals and him on recorder on the ‘Seasons of Change – The Complete Recordings, 1970-1974’ boxset, which is named after their cover of Blackfeather's 'Seasons of Change'.

The surviving members of the band - Bruce Howe, John Freeman, Sam See, John Bisset and Uncle John Eyers - and the Estate of late guitarist Mick Jurd joined forces with music promoter Victor Marshall and Henry to share the recordings.

The extensive 3CD collection comes "beautifully presented, with exhaustive 18,000 word sleeve-notes and unseen photos of the band", as per Cherry Red.

Over the years, Fraternity went through a series of lineup changes and band names, including Fang, Some Dream, finally settling on Mickey Finn, which they were called at the time of their split in 1981.

Meanwhile, Scott’s replacement in AC/DC, Brian Johnson, previously revealed he and his bandmates still feel Scott's presence in the band.

He said: "He wasn't a wild, wild, wild man - he was just as wild as the other boys were. He was just unlucky. We've all done stupid, dumb things where we're young, but we got away with it. He didn’t.

"It was just one of them stupid things that shouldn't have happened, and it was accidental and it was stupid.

"I just won't have a bad word said against him. We still talk about him like he's a member of the band in the dressing room."

Scott took over from Dave Evans after his brief stint as the lead singer of AC/DC.

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