A celebrity supergroup has been created with the hope of securing the UK Christmas number one.

Jeremy Irvine

Jeremy Irvine

The likes of rugby star James Haskell, ex-cricketer Darren Gough and actor Jeremy Irvine have joined forces to create Rig Aid, and the band have recorded the charity single 'It’s Christmas Time (It’s Time to Lash)' in order to raise much-needed funds for Restart Rugby.

James said: "I’d be lying if I thought I’d ever be singing on a track, let alone going for Christmas number one!

"I must hand it to the lads, it’s an incredibly catchy and entertaining song and I truly believe we’ve got a great shot at reaching Christmas number one!

"Please can everyone get behind this hilarious track and support this incredible charity. It’s only 99p, so please buy it as many times as possible to raise invaluable funds so that Restart Rugby can continue to carry out their life-changing work daily."

James, 35, also explained why the cause means so much to him.

He said: "Restart Rugby is a charity incredibly close to my heart that helps both male and female players physically and also importantly, mentally. They literally save lives.

"They do amazing work providing financial and practical support to amateur and professional players and their families during difficult times, including help with the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation equipment, counselling, education and career transition.

"Unfortunately, they are running out of money, fast, so here’s hoping this single raises enough to truly help."

The charity single is the brainchild of Archie Curzon, the lead singer of Rig Aid.

He explained: "'It’s Christmas Time (It’s Time to Lash)', is my Christmas gift to the nation after what's proved to be the most challenging of years."