Doja Cat changed the title of her new album because she worried the original name sounded too "aggressive".

Doja Cat changed the title of her album at the last minute

Doja Cat changed the title of her album at the last minute

The rapper/singer had originally been due to release a new record called 'Hellmouth' last month but she ended up changing the title to 'Scarlet' at the last minute and she's now revealed she had some concerns about the previous name.

Speaking on the 'Hot Ones' YouTube show, she explained: "I don’t care about the meaning being so deep, as much as the word being a cool word. I just like good words. I thought ‘Hellmouth’ was cool … it’s like the gates of hell. But that felt so aggressive to me after a while, and I don’t know if I even like it anymore."

She added of the new title: "I change my mind constantly. And ‘Scarlet’ felt like the right thing to do, because it’s kind of an ode to ‘Hot Pink’. I did the name of a colour, but it’s not really; you think of Scarlett as someone’s first name, and not as a colour. That was kind of the twist to it. And also red is just a passionate shade."

Doja Cat previously came under fire after the artwork for 'Scarlet' was compared to an almost identical cover for German Chaver's new album ‘Of Gloom’ with both featuring a very similar red spider.

However, the star seemingly changed the artwork as she later shared a different album cover with fans on X - formerly known as Twitter - which showed two spiders with peal bodies.

In her post on the social media site, she wrote: "The art I chose for my album is beautiful and I like it a lot. The two spiders signify conquering your fear. None of my album covers had meaning until this album. You not accepting me was a fear I used to have. I don’t care anymore about satisfying you."