Doja Cat hits back at those branding her work satanic on her new album.

Doja Cat confronts accusations of satanism and hits back at stans

Doja Cat confronts accusations of satanism and hits back at stans

The 27-year-old multi-hyphenate and queen of controversy - who recently lost 500,000 followers for mocking her own fans for calling themselves Kittenz - confronts her critics on her latest record, 'Scarlet'.

On the track 'Skull And Bones', the 'Paint The Town Red' hitmaker reacts to accusations that the video for her track 'Demons' worships the devil.

She raps: “Y’all been pushin satan this, and satan that / My fans is yellin ‘least she rich,’ you need that pact / Lookin like I got some things you hate I have / And trust me baby, God don’t play with hate like that / So you gon be real upset when he pick Cat."

Elsewhere, Doja reacts to those who have been disapproving of her controversial comedian boyfriend Jeffrey 'J' Cyrus.

On 'Agora Hills', she declares "whether they like it or not I wanna show you off … rub it in their face."

Doja landed herself in hot water with the track 'Balut' with her description of the Filipino street food offending some.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: “I named the song ‘Balut’ because it signifies a bird that’s being eaten alive.

“It’s a metaphor for Twitter stans (obsessive fans) and the death of Twitter toxicity. The beginning of ‘X’ and the end of ‘tweets.’”

However, the dish uses a fertilized duck egg.

One user reacted on X: “Eaten alive? Who eats balut alive? Girl, you don’t need to shame my culture if you don’t understand it."

Doja later insisted that she enjoyed the unusual delicacy.

She said on Instagram Live: "Balut was good. It reminded me of liver. It was almost like you can tell that it’s a small [serving] that is high [in] fat. I can taste the vitamins in it. You just know that [it is] good for you immediately.

“I liked it. [But] I don’t think I had it properly. It was still warm."

Over on X, Doja continues to tell fans she doesn't care about their opinions.

Responding to one user who commented on the artwork choice, she replied: "The art I chose for my album is beautiful and I like it a lot. The two spiders signify conquering your fear. None of my album covers had meaning until this album. You not accepting me was a fear I used to have. I don't care anymore about satisfying you."