Dua Lipa has always aspired to headline Glastonbury.

Dua Lipa headlining Glastonbury: 'This was always one of her big aspirations'

Dua Lipa headlining Glastonbury: 'This was always one of her big aspirations'

The 28-year-old popstar will take to the main stage at the legendary music festival in Somerset, England, over the weekend and Max Lousada, CEO of Recorded Music for Warner Music Group, revealed Dua has been talking about Glastonbury since they first signed her.

He told Variety: "This was always one of her big aspirations. From the moment we signed her, she was like, 'I want to headline Glastonbury', so I’m thrilled for that dream to come true. She’s become a really dynamic and incredible performer. That has taken work and real dedication that showed on the last cycle, when she became an arena act, and now she starts to progress from an arena to a stadium act. This show is going to have some incredible surprises and some unexpected moments – she’s just going to bring the party.

"What I love about Dua as a performer is, her videos are strong, her songs sound great on radio but, live, you can really hear her voice – she has such resonance in her vocals. I’m really looking forward to seeing her play to an audience that hasn’t seen that. The great thing about festivals is, you’re playing to audiences you haven’t necessarily played to before. For Dua, this is going to be a step change and a key moment in her career."

And, Max is thrilled with the success of Dua's third album 'Radical Optimism'.

He said: "She had her biggest week one in North America, 'Houdini' is already over a billion streams, and this is going to be a long campaign. We had a different dynamic going into this campaign, because we were coming off 'Dance the Night' from 'Barbie'.

"The whole 'Barbie' moment was just so much bigger than we anticipated. Normally, you build an element of space and we came off this huge franchise into the record. But it’s great that the album’s out and we see Glastonbury as a driver for the next bit of her campaign. She’ll smash it, because she’s got a catalogue of wonderful records."

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