Eminem is back, with the official music video for his track Fall, taken from his surprise drop album 'KAMIKAZE', which was released across the globe last weekend. You can check out the visuals for Fall - which includes that controversial line about Tyler the Creator - below:

The video gets straight to the point, empathising the anger Eminem has towards all those who dissed his previous record, Revival. What we must do however, is take all he raps and shows with a pinch of salt. He says he really cares about what people think, but a lot of the time, Marshall Mathers is putting on an act. He does promise Slim Shady has made his return, after all.

Chased by a shadowy figure throughout the visuals, Shady is eventually consumed by the entity, and ends the video stomping on his own album before walking off into the night.

We're not entirely sure there's a higher message to get here, other than the rapper's disdain for the media, but it makes for a real feast for the eyes.

What's interesting about the entity that chases Eminem, is that it's the same sort of thing that happens to Tom Hardy's character Eddie Brock in the upcoming Venom movie. 

Eminem has done a track for that film, aptly titled Venom, so perhaps this video would have been better suited for that?

Listen to the KAMIKAZE album in full below:

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