Heart have axed their European tour as singer Ann Wilson is set to undergo a "time-sensitive, but routine medical procedure".

Heart's Ann Wilson has reassured fans that she is doing 'okay'

Heart's Ann Wilson has reassured fans that she is doing 'okay'

The 73-year-old rock legend - who shot to fame as the lead singer of the 'Barracuda' group alongside her younger sister, Nancy Wilson, 70, in the mid-70s - has apologised to fans for being forced to cancel the concerts but insisted they are not to "worry" as she is doing “okay”.

However, she will require six weeks recovery from the undisclosed operation.

Reassuring fans, she posted to X: "I’m okay! Please don’t worry.

"I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

It’s certainly an inconvenience for me.

Love and respect always, Ann."

Squeeze were due to open for Heart.

Refunds are being offered.

The group completed part of their North American leg this month and are due to re-start it this July.

Meanwhile, Ann previously reflected on still making music in her 70s: “I think that for someone who’s been through as much as I have, and has lived to tell the tales, it’s OK to share my experiences.

“I’ve heard from a lot of younger musicians and listeners, too, who have thanked me for staying around and for just keeping upright, just making it through, making the concessions once but not twice, and being able to live through it all with dignity.”

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