Suki Waterhouse says releasing her debut album was the "bravest thing I’ve ever done".

Suki Waterhouse's 'brave' debut album

Suki Waterhouse's 'brave' debut album

The 32-year-old model and actress dropped her first album 'I Can’t Let Go' in 2022 and now as she prepares to release the follow up 'Memoir Of A Sparklemuffin' in September, Suki is reflecting on how she felt about her first foray into music.

She told NME: "The first record I did, I had so much to prove, and I kept it one world specifically because I was just putting my toe in and being like, ‘Is this even acceptable? Am I even allowed to do this?’ Putting that record together was the bravest thing I’ve ever done in a lot of ways. Everything since has been like an insane rollercoaster.

"I would have been so happy just making one record – that was the biggest dream ever for a decade. So everything from here just feels like, 'I’m just going to have fun and do whatever I want'."

And, Suki admitted she has been more adventurous with her second album.

She said: "I was definitely advised not to put 18 songs [on it] – I wanted to put more! You only get to put out a record every couple of years and I’m in such a place where it’s so enjoyable to be in the studio, collaborate with new people and have other new people be interested in working with me. I just want to write as much music as possible, and I think listening to full albums is back, so I believed it was the right thing to do for the fans."

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