Katy Perry 'Prism'

Katy Perry 'Prism'

Katy Perry has released the third track from her upcoming studio album 'Prism', the promotional single 'Walking On Air'.

The tune is far from anything she's released before, with nostalgic 90's beats that'll have you out of your chair and throwing shapes at home, in the office or in the middle of the street.

Produced by Swedish songwriter and producer Klas Ahlund, it's pop at its very best, showing off a huge bass and slick synth - quite frankly, this should have been the lead single from the third complete studio album, despite the huge success of 'Roar'.

Given the chance, it could easily soar onto the radiowaves and take over for weeks on end. However - for now - the track will remain promotional only with no push for that kind of attention.

My favourite Katy Perry track ever? I think it might just be.

Listen to the club-thumping track below and share your verdict.

'Prism' is released October 22 and can be pre-ordered now.

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