In the hunt for the perfect wireless earphones, you can find yourself spending hundreds of pounds on a set that aren't all that comfortable, or the right match for your ear's shape. Fortunately, Padmate look to be solving that problem with their second generation of wireless earphones: the PaMu Scroll.

PaMu Scroll are affordable, comfortable and pretty brilliant

PaMu Scroll are affordable, comfortable and pretty brilliant

It's clear that the feedback given to Padmate from their first generation of wireless headphones has paid off; the improvements made here come in at every single level.

The pair of earbuds are the most comfortable I've ever had the chance to trial, and didn't fall out when tested doing a number of different activities, from walking the dog, to a light run on the treadmill, and even getting household chores such as the laundry done.

Because of the lower-end price on these earphones, I expected the audio quality to be mediocre, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Vocals are clear, and the emphasis placed on bass is at just the right level. Instead of getting a tinny and muddied sound, I got one that sounded pretty close to perfection.

Not only that, but they're water-resistant! We wouldn't suggest you take a fully-submerged dip in the bath with them on, but they are IPX6 certified and protect against the likes of sweat and rainfall.

There are around four hours of battery life (less if you stick at full volume) which is where these earphones may fall a little short, but thankfully the charging process is an easy and uncomplicated one. You can use the scroll-shaped charging case two or three times at full charge to power up your earbuds (they attach to the case magnetically which is just fantastic), and then plug the scroll into your laptop with the provided USB wire to give it back its charging ability.

Priced at just $39 INCLUDING shipping charges, this is a must-try for anybody looking to expand their audio collection.

Check out the PaMu Scroll now on Indiegogo, where the campaign to raise funds for the earphones continues.

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