Benji Hughes

Benji Hughes

Hidden behind flowing rusty hair and Shakespearean beard is Benji Hughes, a complex, and often funny, dreamer with a harmonious voice. The singer-songwriter from North Carolina subtly infuses his music with flavors and colours, evoking the numerous feelings that love brings.

From happiness to misery, Benji describes relationships with friends, women and life in general. New West Records will release Benji’s debut, 25 song, two album set, A Love Extreme on July 22nd. Benji, excited to share his songs with the world, is also about to embark on a brief 3-date UK tour with indie-rock royalty Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis.

Benji Hughes spends much of his time masterminding his blend of inventive rock and ballads. At times earnest, at others whimsical, Benji is equally adept at keyboards and guitar. He loves beer but he loves women even more. Underneath his thick mane of strawberry blond hair and beard is a versatile singer/songwriter, full of heart. His music collection - spanning everything from The Crystals, Merle Haggard, and Kinky Friedman to Talking Heads, The Cars, and Slayer - is as wild as his gracious exterior.

A highly original wordsmith, Benji can tap into the highs of love, find humor there, but also embrace the lows with melodic pieces that stir the soul. From the uplifting tracks “So Well” and “All You Got To Do Is Fall In Love” to the darker “Even If” and “You Stood Me Up” his lyrics tell a well crafted story regardless of the underlying mood.

Benji’s natural songwriting skills and musical depth are what brought him to New West. A casual acquaintance of the former house painter suggested he send some recordings, unsolicited, to a long time friend of New West who played the songs for label President Cameron Strang. The relationship and story built from there.

A Love Extreme was recorded in Silverlake, CA in collaboration with Keefus Ciancia, a top LA session musician and producer who regularly works with the likes of T-Bone Burnett, Cassandra Wilson and Everlast. Also integral to the album was multi-instrumentalist Gus Seyffert (Inara George, Sia). Benji & Gus recorded several of the tracks including “Waiting For An Invitation” and “All You’ve Got To Do Is Fall In Love” in Gus’ living room with the bulk of the album being recorded at Keefus’ Silverlake studio.