Stuntman Mike - 'Triangles'

Stuntman Mike - 'Triangles'

Alternative rock bands have a tough time breaking onto the scene, but three-piece Stuntman Mike who hail from Glasgow, Scotland shouldn't have that problem.

Before long you'll find yourself singing along with the many anthems, adding to Scott Hetherington's refreshing vocals.

Billy Mulholland does a great job on guitar, whilst Affy Ahmad adds brilliance on the drums.

Lyrics throughout do well in portraying a frustration at the social and financial injustice that the band members feel, adding the level of being able to relate to the music for those of working class both in the UK and North America.

That being said, the album has something for everybody, no matter their background or gender.

'Promise' is set to be released as a single in October, and is a brilliant choice that should definitely do the job in hyping up the album.

'Ashes' and 'Champagne Wolves' are also stand-out tracks, that aren't to be ignored with terrific riffs and head-banging beats.

'Triangles' is available now.

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