The Lake Havasu-based rock quartet Blackmarket release their debut full length, The Elephant In The Room, on November 10 2008 through No Office Records.

They will also play a one-off live show at The Metro in London on November 3rd before jetting off around Europe as main support act on The Subways’ tour.

Surviving the music industry in one piece is tough given the disappointments and anxiety bands face due to the current state of the business. There’s no doubt many will end up jaded and eventually give up.

Thus it takes a strong spirit and a fresh attitude to overcome the obstacles. Fortunately for Blackmarket, who started playing together while in junior high, their journey is aided by the chemistry and friendship forged from years of performing together. This journey is displayed in their debut full length.

“We won the Amplify Festival [and contest] in Vegas a couple of years ago which launched an industry fiasco,” reveals Blackmarket frontman Daryl Lamont. “Artificial buzz and hype led us to really dislike the whole business side of music, but [winning] it was an accomplishment nonetheless. We scored some management and an agent and more importantly a direction.”

The contest also led to the band recording an album, signing a deal with FMAC/Rough Trade Japan as well as multiple performances in Japan including the FujiRock festival this past summer. Blackmarket is also hitting the road this fall with the UK’s The Subways for two weeks in November.

On The Elephant In The Room, Daryl Lamont (vocals, guitar), Langdon Chieffo (drums), Mikey Emerson (bass) and Jason Brindis (guitar, keyboards), showcase their journey through insightful lyrics, catchy melodies and overall brilliant musicianship. They tapped the team of Sean Slade (Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., Hole) and Matthew Ellard (Morphine, Weezer, Elliott Smith), to produce the album. Slade and Ellard also produced Blackmarket’s self-titled EP which was called “surprisingly compelling, one relentless riff to another” by Performing Songwriter.

From the infectious guitar riffs of “Sheila” to the acoustic-driven “White Lie,” The Elephant In The Room is a testament to the chemistry of the band that draws their inspiration from artists such as The Beatles, Elliott Smith and David Bowie.

The anthemic “Sooner or Later” is the first of two songs Blackmarket recorded with Pete Min (Duncan Sheik, Debbie Harry, Jewel, Bic Runga), who Lamont says had an instant, undeniable connection with the band. “I think you can hear [the chemistry] in the mix,” says Lamont. “Sooner or Later” is also the newest song on The Elephant In The Room and Lamont views the track as a good representation of what to expect from Blackmarket this winter and beyond.