Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut will release a new EP, '25 Years', on 23 March through Bright Antenna. The EP will be released on CD and as an iTunes bundle. The Sacramento duo are currently in the UK supporting Innerpartysystem on their national tour, and will then play three NME Awards Shows with Ida Maria before heading to Europe to support The Bronx.

MC Rut's raw and charismatic amalgamation of Refused, Jane's Addiction and Fugazi took the UK by storm when they released their debut single 'Busy Bein' Born' last November. A session for Zane Lowe coupled with frenzied praise from NME, Kerrang! and Rock Sound sparked chaos at their tiny club shows, with Kerrang! describing their show at London's Macbeth as "a sweet, eardrum lacerating noise that most bands could never hope to muster".

Even live, the chaos is created by just two men: singer/guitarist Zack Lopez, and drummer/vocalist Sean Stockham. Zack and Sean have a well-honed survival instinct after 10 years of bands gone wrong and labels gone bust, and as MC Rut they've made it their mission to write, perform and record every one of their tracks themselves.

There's no doubt that they've created a sound that never fails to stop listeners in their tracks, and they'll be leaving the UK with no shortage of new disciples ready to spread the noise.

CD Tracklisting for '25 Years':

1. 25 Years 2. Dead Set 2 3. I Guess You Could Say 4. All Walks of Life 5. Tied Up 6. I Don't Really Know