There are so many great things about being a woman, some of the most popular answers to this question include: being a mother, being able to multi task, having a family and having a successful career. In an age where women 'want it all', Avon Representatives explain why they love being women and why they love working for Avon.

Fiona Wilkinson said "I love being a Mum it's the best job in the world. Running my own business means I can have the perfect work/life balance, a successful business where I give men and women an amazing opportunity, but be at the school gate to pick up my son."

Beci Childs said "What I love about being a woman is the ability to multi task. This has enabled me to look after my family, home and run my successful business. Being successful and seeing my business work has given me confidence and pride in what I can do and achieve."

Zoe Davies "I joined Avon ten years ago without realising that selling lipsticks would turn into a business that would be our main income and make our family financially secure, enabling us to take three holidays abroad last year. I love the fact that as a woman running my own successful business I can now help other women build their own businesses and create their own success and independence."

Libby Reynolds "I love helping other women build their own careers with a company that stands for innovation, optimism, and beauty as well as us. Inspiring others to be their best whilst working with beautiful makeup everyday gives me the confidence and power to do anything I set my mind to!"

Glenice Allison "The greatest thing about being a woman and running my own business is seeing the excitement of introducing other women to the opportunity of developing their skills through business. As a mother it has given me the opportunity to lead by example so that my daughter can be look at me and think all dreams are possible and for my son to see women with ambition as something that is normal."

To celebrate International Women's Day, Avon Representatives share what they love about being a woman

To celebrate International Women's Day, Avon Representatives share what they love about being a woman

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