We are probably all struggling to get enough exercise into our life. It can be quite a challenge! Especially if one has children. Time spent with the children is always fun and it brings a lot of joy to life. What if you could combine spending time with the children with getting exercise? In this article we will introduce you to several activities which you can do with the children whilst getting exercise!




Children love trampolines and if you have a big garden, a trampoline might just be ideal for you as well. Jumping around on a trampoline is super healthy and you can create competitions with the children. Hours will without a doubt pass by like it was nothing and before you know it, you have spent the whole afternoon doing exercise.

Jumping on trampolines is also an outdoor sport, so you will get a lot of fresh air whilst getting your exercise. It is without a doubt a fresher way of getting exercise than running on the treadmill in the gym.

Bike rides

Biking is not for everyone, but surely the children will be up for the challenge. Like jumping on a trampoline, bike rides are outdoor activities. Here, you will also get a lot of fresh air whilst exercising.

It might be beneficial - depending on your children’s age and where you live - to strap the bikes on to the car and drive somewhere else to go for a bike ride. The forest is a popular choice! If you live in the city or near a city, you will have to constantly keep an eye on the children and the bypassing cars, which can quickly become stressful for all of us.

Ball sports

Of course we also have to mention ball sports! Football and handball are especially popular amongst children. If you do not like ball sports like those, badminton is also getting more and more popular. Your local fitness center might even have badminton courses that you can take with your children. Probably, the local fitness center will also rent out the badminton fields, so you can practice on your own if that is what you prefer.


Did you know that swimming is one of the most healthy forms of exercises that you can do? Swimming is so healthy because it happens in water. That means that none of your muscles are overly burdened which is especially good if you have issues with your knees or your back.

Go to the local pool with the children - unless you have your own private pool in the backyard of course! In the summer, you can also go to the beach if you live nearby. But maybe the beach is not that appealing during winter unless you wish to explore winterbathing!

Join the children on the water slides and sneak away to swim a few lanes on your own. Afterwards you can invite the children to the cafeteria for an ice cream! There is no doubt that you have deserved it with all this exercise.


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