Any large body of water usually represents your subconscious and the journey of some information from your subconscious to your conscious. Perhaps there is something you need to bring to the surface as keeping it buried deep within the depths of your mind is not really working for you.

We find out what it means to dream about the ocean

We find out what it means to dream about the ocean

If you were swimming underwater then you may already be exploring to find answers, however if you were unwilling to hold your breath and put your head beneath the surface, it’s possible you’re not ready or willing to find out what’s going on in there.

If it was difficult to swim underwater the things in your subconscious might not be ideal and challenging to confront, however if the journey was easy, you may find that what you uncover wasn’t as bad as you initially thought.

Consider the ocean- was it calm or was it turbulent? This can reflect the nature of your emotions right now so it’s worth paying attention to. Choppy oceans might imply that you are struggling to cope with your emotions however if it was calm, then maybe you are feeling at peace right now.

The dream can be a pun for ‘seeing’ something- perhaps there is something you need to see more clearly or maybe you need to have a better understanding and perception about someone or something.

If you were lost in the ocean in your dream then your life may be lacking some direction right now- you are simply drifting. Is it time you set sail for somewhere specific?

If you were standing on a beach looking out to the ocean, it’s possible you are on the brink of doing some soul searching- are you trying to find yourself? Or you are about to dive into a project or situation in your waking life and bracing yourself for it?


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