Nearly all moms, at some point in time, have been a victim of guilt trips on the basis of juggling motherhood and career. This is mainly because moms want to "do it all" and fail to accept their limited capacity as humans. Stacey Freeman, a mom of two kids, an author, entrepreneur, content creator, and educator, is helping working mothers balance their careers and motherhood with her guilt-free tips. She is setting the example for new moms while also playing an inspirational role model to her kids who are10 and 8 years old. 

Stacey Freeman

Stacey Freeman

Stacey Freeman started her career as an educational administrator in 2005. In 2013, she decided to pursue her passion for writing and became a blogger. After having her first child, Stacey started her blog to revive her passion for writing. She shared excerpts from her everyday life creating unique content that resonated with many. Gradually, became a way to express her love for fashion, travel, and cooking. Stacey also talked about parenting which many of her readers found helpful.

As social media started booming, Stacey noticed the growing popularity of What started as a creative side hustle became a second full-time career and a lifestyle brand. After giving birth to her second child, Stacey completed her PhD in education policy, adding another feather of honor to her hat. With a series of accomplishments in her kitting as a mother of two toddlers, Stacey inspired her readers at Everyone was eager to understand how she excellently managed these dissimilar aspects of her life while building multiple successful careers.

For Stacey, it was not of strategic planning but developing a neutral perspective about motherhood to overcome the accustomed moms' guilt. Like any other mother, Stacey also held herself guilty for not providing a perfect childhood for her kids. Eventually, she learned to be kinder and more compassionate towards herself. She learned to understand when to prioritize motherhood and when to focus on her business and career.

For Stacey, there are days when her business and work take a back seat, and she devotes herself to her kids. Also, there are days when has to find short cuts, like buying store-bought cupcakes instead of making them herself, to save time so she can juggle her two careers. In a nutshell, Stacey has learned to be more forgiving towards herself. This helped her become a better role model to her kids physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Currently, Stacey is an executive director at UCLA and has over 20 years of experience in higher education. Her blog has grown to be a sucessful lifestyle brand on social media. Building two careers as a mother of two has been quite challenging for Stacey, but she has grown to inspire many. Her struggles and her take on motherhood have fascinated millions worldwide who are interested to know her trick and how she's been able to navigate these tracks.

Beyond sharing her experiences, learning, and knowledge about creating a successful career as a mom through social media, Stacey also became a first-time children’s book author. . In May 2022, she published her first book, "A Thankful Book for Kids", which became a trendy kids' book. Stacey wants to continue utilizing her skills as an educator to continue growing her business and helping others find ways to live a more posh life.She also plans to write more books for kids, parents, and families in the future while venturing into TV hosting, to add another dimension to her career.



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