As today is the 25th of the month it seemed prudent to find out what parents of babies born on the 25th can expect from their child as they grow. While the number two and five are important, it’s vital that the number seven (five and two combined) is also taken into consideration for this day. 

RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Babies born on the 25th are…

Intuitive: They are very wary of others and have a keen sense for those who are genuine and people who are out for their own gain.  Consequently they are very particular about who they choose to have in their life and will only connect with a handful of people they trust. As their parents, you have to admit that this will serve them well in the future and prevent them from getting hurt by others but there is such a thing as being too cautious so try to help instil in them where the boundaries lie.

Research: Your baby will have an inquisitive mind and will want to read extensively about things they show an interest in. They are perfectly suited to careers in writing, philosophy or teaching as a result of this thirst for knowledge. It’s important to note that in some areas of life, doing your research will only get you so far and that hands-on experience is often superior. So, encourage your child not to rely too heavily on the writing and just as much on the going out there and doing as well. 

Extreme: Your child will flip from highs to lows in the blink of an eye and sometimes you won’t know where they are emotionally. Once you have established this, it will be down to you as their parent to try and temper their reaction when they are particularly worked up about something. 

Faithful: Following on from the first point- your child will be faithful to whomever they deem a friend or choose for a partner, however the people in their life will need to understand your child’s need for change. Your baby will want to travel, alter their career path and do new things so be sure to help them choose people who support this about them or their relationships won’t last. 

Help others: Your baby will grow up with a keen desire to help others whenever they can whether this is in a professional or personal sense. While this is an admirable quality, be sure to help them see when people are taking advantage of their good nature as they may not be able to identify this quickly themselves. They may be a good judge of character under normal circumstances but their ability to pick up on negative cues becomes clouded when they see someone in need. 

Addictive personality: Your child will have an addiction to something in their life and while this could be something fairly harmless like an addiction to reading or books, there is a risk it might indulge the extreme personality type we spoke about in the previous point. A seemingly innocent pursuit could manifest into something much bigger so try to help them to keep an element of control over their foibles while they are under your roof. 

Work alone: Number 25s prefer to work alone rather than with others and to let someone into their working environment will take a lot of time and trust. Try to help your child see that sometimes working as a team has its benefits especially when the workload is too much for one person.  

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