Summer holiday season is upon us and that means exciting family days out or longed for post-pandemic trips are on the cards for many across the UK. However, for over a quarter of new parents (26%), the prospect of new environments and upset routines can mean a lot of pre-planning is required. 

Celebrity Mum Millie Mackintosh

Celebrity Mum Millie Mackintosh

Research released by Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs revealed 41% of parents said a summer trip was the thing they had been most looking forward to with their baby, with many now taking their little ones away on trips that may have been rescheduled due to the pandemic (and pregnancy). And, whether a special day out or a week abroad in the sunshine, 51% agreed summer holidays are some of the most precious family moments. 

Although, the extent to which parents must prepare for these trips can be daunting as 23% admitted to delaying a much-needed day out or trip, likely due to the stress and anxieties around travelling with a baby, especially magnified during pandemic restrictions.

It’s not just holidaying abroad that incite new parent worries as 26% admit that any trip which involves their baby being out of its normal routine can make them nervous. True for both those staying closer to home or flying overseas, napping at the right time (44%), adjusting to a change in temperature (35%), getting them to sleep in their own bed/cot (36%), and being away from amenities and usual environment (35%) are all seen as challenges to prepare for.

Packing for a week or more is not surprisingly time consuming when you consider the average family is taking 50 items for a baby for a one-week holiday abroad, this rises to over 100 items for some. And such is the level of organisation, parents spend on average a whole working day (seven hours) prepping for the longed-for week away.

Taking baby overseas is a huge milestone, but whether home or away, a first family holiday can be full of magical firsts for baby and parents alike – the journey to get there however, maybe not so much. The saying ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey’, certainly rings true for some parents as 29% say they’re dreading flying for the first time with their little one. A long car ride was also something to fear for the same amount (29%) of those questioned.

Of those flying, 60% said they are concerned about their baby being noisy on a plane. This fear has become a reality for 13% of those questioned, who said they have experienced a difficult plane journey with their baby already. 

Another key area of concern with air travel for 31% was the amount of luggage they were planning to take, after all no one wants to pay extra if they go over the baggage limit due to all the equipment needed for their baby. Being stuck in long passport control queues (48%), and having bags checked at security (22%) could also heighten anxiety levels for new parents. 

With 80% of those questioned planning a trip over the summer, it seems there are many seeking out advice and looking for recommendations when it comes to making the process of travelling with little ones that little bit easier. 

To help get parents prepared for travelling with babies this summer, Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs has partnered with TV personality and celebrity mum Millie Mackintosh, to launch ‘Hack the Holidays’.

Revealing the best tips and tricks for busy parents planning for the summer, she said: “I know travelling with babies can be hard - my Aurellia loves her routine so any break from that, whether a different environment, nap or feed time, can be unsettling. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs ‘Hack the Holidays’ – an opportunity to share tips and tricks with fellow parents. Holidays and days out can be such a precious time with little ones so anything that can help save time and help you relax in the process is priceless.’

‘Hack the Holidays’ will cover summer scenarios for parents with babies including packing for a big day out, a night away and a summer holiday abroad. One of the top tips for parents who are currently using follow on formula is to try Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs instead of taking a full-size tub which can be bulky and add weight to that all important baggage limit. The Tab format provides pre-measured amounts – one tab equals one scoop, so it’s possible to save time and space on-the-go when compared to powder formulations.

Julia Lowbridge, Head of Marketing for Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs said: “With three young children of my own, I know first-hand that getting ready for a summer trip is a big deal. With many different situations to plan for, anything that makes life that little bit easier is very welcome! This is why Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs are ideal for travelling - with one tab equalling one scoop, they’re convenient and portable compared to powdered follow on formula - one less thing to worry about.”

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