Millie Mackintosh says her breast enhancement surgery is the "best thing she's done for herself" since having children.

Millie Mackintosh: Breast enhancement surgery is 'best thing she's done for herself' since having kids

Millie Mackintosh: Breast enhancement surgery is 'best thing she's done for herself' since having kids

The 33-year-old star has Sienna, two, and Aurelia, 18 months, with husband Hugo Taylor, 37, and admitted breastfeeding had made her self-conscious about her boobs but the surgery has restored her confidence.

Speaking in an Instagram Q A session, Millie explained: "It was something that I had always wanted to do, since being about 18. When I realised that the breasts I had always dreamed of weren't going to show up for me.

"I thought okay, 'I can work with what I've got' and I wore padded bras and I made peace with that.

"When I was in my twenties and I was on the pill, they were a B, but quite perky and then after breastfeeding both of the girls the skin just got so stretched.

"When I was breastfeeding they were enormous and when I was pregnant as well.

"Then what I was left with afterwards was a completely different, deflated, empty sack of skin that just did not make me feel like me anymore.

"Honestly for me, this has been the best thing that I have done for myself.

"I had my surgery just before Mother's Day and it just felt like a lovely present to myself to make me feel like me again.

"It's given me a boost of confidence. I've really enjoyed wearing swimwear again this summer and it definitely made me feel much freer.

"I've found confidence in my body again and it was just something I did for myself as a kind of reward for having babies."

Millie first opened up about the procedure in an open letter for Grazia in May.

She wrote: "Like a lot of teenage girls, I was very conscious about my lack of growth and constantly comparing myself to friends, older girls at school and of course all the pop stars to Hollywood actresses that I idolised. Sadly, I was not to be blessed with the boobs I had so wished for, which lead me to try all the tricks to create the illusion of a fuller chest (two bras and as much padding as I could get my hands on – hands up if you did the same!). This along with a promise to myself that I would get a boob job at some point in the future after I had children and now felt like the right time.

"I had a few different consultations and ended up choosing a surgeon who was recommend by a friend. I liked how natural his work was and he understood that I just wanted to look like myself again (with maybe a little extra padding). So, I shared pictures from my mid 20’s and from there we chose the size that felt right for me.

"Now three months on I’m really enjoying the new-found adventure and I feel like me again! I don’t want to influence anyone’s decision to have a breast enhancement or tweakments. Every journey is personal - all I wanted to do was be honest and share my personal experience."

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