We all tell our children that lying is bad, but sometimes as parents we need to tell little white lies every now and then and that’s ok. Especially when we sometimes need that 5 minute break (i.e. special quiet time) or you’re doing it for their own good. Ahead of the new show Big Little Lies launching to NOW TV on Monday 13th March, I’ve teamed up with NOW TV and starred in a hilarious video alongside Claudia Winkleman and the Scummy Mummies to confess our most favoured little white lies.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

NOW TV also carried out some research to reveal the most common ‘white lies’ UK parents admit to, here’s my take on the top 5.

‘Losing’ an annoying toy or claiming it was broken (55%)

[We’ve all made the mistake. Bought a toy that ‘yaps’ or ‘buzzes’ relentlessly until you’ve lost the will to live. Just lose that lil’ guy or say the batteries can no longer be bought. Cheerio annoying toy.]

Telling a lie to friends about my parenting style (49%)

I have deposited Tesco cookies into Tupperware and pretended I made them for charity bake sales. It feels more like a parental win, really.

Saying you need to leave somewhere such as the park because it's shutting' (when it's not) (21%)

There’s always a lovely guy doing litter duty in high vis in our local park. I just tell Mae he’s going to lock us in if we don’t hurry. He’s a great guy; I think she’s scared of him. Sorry nice guy but we gotta get home to Paw Patrol.

Pretending it wasn't me who ate their chocolate/food (17%)

The Darkest Hour was drunkenly scoffing the contents of her party bag from her best friend Betsy. The next morning: “mama where’s my party bag?” The guilt was immense; the lie gargantuan. “Daddy ate the sweets poppet, sorry about that.”

Pretending to phone the police because they have done something naughty (15%)

I pretend to phone Father Christmas/ The Easter Bunny [insert other fake character here] at least once a day. It’s wearing thin but I shall persist.

Written by Anna Whitehouse, mum of 1 to Mae and soon to be mum of 2! 

Watch the premiere of Big Little Lies on Monday 13 March at 9pm with a NOW TV Entertainment Pass for just £6.99 per month. Watch the exclusive drama unfold on Sky Atlantic, new episodes Mondays. 

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