I feel like the world today is so hectic that being overstimulated is really easy – especially being a child. This overstimulation can make it difficult to find calm to fall asleep at night. It can also make it harder to find yourself and to find peace inside yourself.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

When my children are overstimulated I always feel a desire to get through to them and help them into a state of peace and calm within themselves – So they don’t have to run from anything, not from the noise or business around them or the incapacity of being alone with their own emotions.

I so want to give children a peace inside themselves, where they can always go, no matter what happens around them.

The pain that brought life to my own solution

I have often been in a situation, where my children were unable or unwilling to calm down, for instance at bedtime. This has often caused me feeling used up and frustrated about not being able to help them to sleep – not least guilty and unhappy for not being able to give them the quiet and loving help to dreamland, that I wanted to.

This frustration has been the driving force behind my first children’s book ”WHY do I have to sleep?”, that I wrote to help children feel open and able to fall asleep. My main focus was for the child to create the motivation to let go and fall asleep from the inside, instead of forcing it on them from the outside.

My hope is that this will make it easier to turn more conflicts and struggle with children into the connection and love, that we so want between us.

3 meditative ways to help your child find calm

  1. Help your children into an internal state of openness and understanding towards finding calm - instead of a resistance. You can do this by listening to their own thoughts and feelings towards relaxing – what they like about it, what they think might be good about it and so on. This can help create an internal motivation for your children to relax on their own
  2. Take the focus and tension away from your children, if they are overstimulated and unable to find calm.
  3. Give them instead something calming to focus their minds on that captures their attention and enables them to find peace – such as a calming book or a meditation.

Signe Johanne Rhode is the bestselling author of WHY Do I Have Sleep?. A mother of two children, and training expert in personal development and mindfulness for children, Signe Johanne Rhode is also the founder of www.LiftUpYourChild.com a platform connecting mothers from all over the world sharing playful and easy techniques to overcome challenges with children.

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