Nordic Fit Mama is a health and wellbeing programme now available in the UK, to support mothers in their post-partum journey. One of the truly overwhelming parts of becoming a new mother is breastfeeding. Whether a mum chooses to breastfeed or not is entirely a personal choice but for those who would like to give it a try, Nordic Fit Mama now offers a comprehensive breastfeeding guide to help them along the way.

Mothers fitness

Mothers fitness

The breastfeeding guide features 19 topics, each absolutely packed full of useful information and advice for mums. From ‘how to tell if your baby is hungry’, to advice on ‘the best nursing positions’, to ‘nipple problems’ and ‘breast infections’, the guide covers everything a new mum might be frantically googling in the middle of the night; this is all research backed advice that they can trust.

Mental health is also a hugely important factor when mothers are dealing with all the hormones and emotions that a new baby brings and for that reason, the guide also features a module on ‘dark thoughts while breastfeeding’. Plus, there is help for mums on weaning and ‘life after breastfeeding’ so that mums have the advice they need for every step of the journey.

Nordic Fit Mama was created by Riina Laaksonen, Finland's best-known influencer in pre- and postnatal exercise. A mother of three boys, Riina is a personal trainer and it was her own experiences of post-natal recovery which inspired her to start Nordic Fit Mama in 2017. Since then, she has brought together experts in maternal wellbeing, to create a holistic post-natal health programme.

Laaksonen comments, Breastfeeding is of course a very emotive topic. We want to be very clear that we support all mothers and we agree with the saying, ‘fed is best’, whether that’s breast or bottle feeding. What we do know is that many mothers who choose to breastfeed really struggle with it and don’t feel they have enough help and advice available to them, as it can be very challenging to master.

“I developed Nordic Fit Mama to help mums get back to feeling strong and capable after giving birth and their wellbeing is very much my top priority, so if our breastfeeding guide helps just one mum feel more supported then that’s important to me.”

Nordic Fit Mama features a six-week exercise programme which has been approved by physiotherapists and gynaecologists and consists of a research-backed series of exercises for new mums. It takes just 10 minutes a day with a mantra ‘do what you can and have the energy for’.

The Post Natal Programme covers all areas of holistic wellbeing to help build a solid foundation so that new mothers can get back to more challenging exercise in a safe way. The programme focuses on pelvic floor and core exercises, adding energy and well-being to daily life whilst addressing issues such as diastasis recti and back pain. 

The Post Natal Programme, which includes the breastfeeding guide, has a special 30% Christmas discount running now until the 31st December, making it £69.30 (thereafter £99) and is available at For mums who are keen to try before they buy, tasters of the Nordic Fit Mama programme can be found on their website.