As today is the 16th of the month, we thought we would delve a little deeper into what it means to be born on this day, so if your baby was born on the sixteenth or this is indeed your due date, here is what you can expect from them and what you can do to accommodate their these traits as their parent. 

Tetra Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Tetra Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Intelligent: Your baby will have a thirst for knowledge and have a keen interest in research and reading from a young age. They may take a shine to puzzles when they are little as they will enjoy problem solving. Be sure to give them the relevant tools from being little to help them satisfy their need to learn new things with books and games that challenge their mind. 

Solitude: Number sixteens prefer to be alone and may never choose a partner because they value their own company over that of others. While they thrive while they are by themselves, it’s vital that they don’t spend every waking moment void of any human connection. That is where you come in to encourage them to spend a little part of their day with other people.

Travellers: As part of their insatiable appetite for learning, they will want to travel to pastures new to soak up different cultures and find out how other people live. This is something you can get on board with from them being little by taking them to new places as often as you can and encourage them to travel safely and sensibly when they are old enough to do so. 

Peaceful: Given that sixteens prefer to spend the majority of their time without others around them, they expectedly enjoy the peace and quiet. Anything that threatens to spoil this tranquillity will make them uncomfortable so try to give them a space of their own where they can retreat if things get too noisy in the rest of your home during times of social gatherings.

Drawn in: Spending so much time alone means that when they do get together with other people, they will get easily drawn into their lives and their dramas. The newness and excitement will be very alluring to your child, so help them not to get too involved in other people’s business even when temptations are high. 

Water: Your child will feel more energised when they are around water so be sure to make this a feature in their play when they are little and take them to places where they can see, hear or play in water when you leave the home. Fully expect them to want to live near water when they are older to- this may be non-negotiable when they are looking for their own place. 

Pessimistic: Your little one may struggle to see the good things in life and always fall to a default position of negativity. Try and help them to see the light in the shade and break this spiral of thinking. If they do desire the company of a friend, encourage them to spend time with a person who is a natural optimist to balance out their own internal thought patterns. 

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