According to the rules of numerology, the day you were born on can tell you a lot about the person you are going to be, so here are just a few attributes that are synonymous with a baby who is born on the 15th of the month and things you can do to embrace or address these aspects of your little one’s personality. 

Image Source / Alamy Stock Photo

Image Source / Alamy Stock Photo

Homebirds: Your baby will probably grow up to be a homebird. They value their homelife and their family above all else. Number 15s make excellent parents because they yearn for family and provide loving and nurturing environments for their children. They are born caretakers and anyone who threatens the harmony within their home or between their family members puts number 15 on high alert. They have a strong desire to rectify this imbalance immediately because anyone that upsets the equilibrium is seen as a danger. Try your utmost to provide a stable environment for your baby and this will make them feel safe and secure. 

Creative: Number 15s are generally creative and artistic people- with that said, it doesn’t mean that they will automatically follow this path as part of their career, but they enjoy creative endeavours in their own time all the same. Your baby may grow up to enjoy writing, painting, drawing or crafting in their spare time so if they show signs of favouring a creative activity, encourage it as it will bring them great joy now and in the future.

Sensitive: Babies born on the 15th often have a sensitive side and their confidence is easily knocked if someone says something negative about their appearance or their abilities. They are often too hard on themselves which can result in them being easily hurt. It’s your job to help them realise that everyone is entitled to their opinions of others but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right. Always be a shoulder to cry on when people are unpleasant to your little one and remind them that kindness must be applied to oneself as much as to others. 

Romantic: It’s not just the numbers one and five that are significant in identifying the traits of 15 babies but the combination of the two. One and five add up to six, and Venus, the Goddess of Love rules the number six, meaning your baby will grow up to be a romantic and expect the same from their significant other. Because of this they find it very easy to attract partners and to settle down, linking in with how much they value family life. Be sure that they don’t let their desire for romance cloud their judgement when they inevitably find a partner that isn’t suitable for them. 

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People take advantage of babies born on the 15th: Babies born on the 15th tend to be people pleasers and will go the extra mile for others, even if these people don’t truly appreciate their efforts. They can be too soft and as a result people who are that way inclined will walk all over them. As a parent try to alert them to such people as they get older so they can quickly identify who to spend time on and who to avoid. 

Rigid beliefs: Babies born on this day have firm beliefs and they are unwavering when people try to challenge them. Sometimes they will even try to get others to convert to their way of thinking. As their parent, it might be your job to temper them when they can’t see someone else’s point of view and to help them to remember that we don’t all think the same way. 

Curious: Children born on the 15th of the month have a desire to explore and this can manifest as wanderlust as they get older. If you notice your baby is interested in the world outside their own, give them the opportunity to see and experience new things as this will only make their thirst even stronger.

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