As we move onto the 8th day of the month, we turn our focus to babies born on this day or the 8th of any month for that matter. According to the rules of numerology, their relationship with the number eight means they will have some very specific traits that are unique to them so we explore these today. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Babies born on the 8th are…

Driven: Your child will be motivated to reach their goals from a young age and this will continue through into adulthood. Their successes will be down to skill but also an unflinching determination to get to where they want to be. People who are focused tend to be very successful in their chosen careers and in their personal life too, but it all depends if your child can sustain both. Sometimes one has to give to favour the other, so remind your child not to miss out on something or someone because they are so tunnel visioned in one part of their life. 

Straightforward: Your child will grow to be someone who likes an honest and uncomplicated approach. As soon as someone tries to overcomplicate a situation, that is where they will lose them completely, and this includes you too. Try to keep things simple for your child, even from being young- they will respond much better if they understand something straight away. 

Responsible: Your baby will demonstrate responsibility from being very little. If they show care for other living things, even when they are young, you can rest assured that they will turn into a responsible adult. They will feel an obligation to people, which may include you, however such obligations can sometimes hold children back from doing what they want to rather than what they feel they have to so it’s important you help them to see that sometimes it’s ok to be a little bit selfish. 

Loving: You will always feel the love your child has for you because they won’t be afraid to show how much you mean to them. While this may fade a little as they get older, they will remind you when you least expect it that you are still at the centre of their world. Show them all the love you can muster from the day they are born and they will form strong relationships with friends and romantic partners because they will know what it means to truly care for others. 

Spiritual: While your child will recognise and appreciate the need for physical and material items, they will also embrace things that nourish the spirit and the soul too. Your baby will grow to have strong feelings and beliefs, however it will be up to you to teach them that not everyone will share the same thoughts as they do. People don’t respond well to having other people’s points of view forced upon them so a passionate yet controlled approach is best. 

Complex: Babies born on the 8th are complex creatures and as their parent you will have to spend time peeling back the layers to find their truth. People your child comes into contact with throughout their life will need to do the same and not everyone they meet will be prepared to do so. Teach your child that those who are not willing to put in the time to get to know them properly simply aren’t worth it. It’s those people who are there each step of the way that are truly deserving of their friendship or partnership. 

Strong Willed: Your child will want to do things their way from day one, even if you wish the exact opposite for them- and this won’t change. When you know you are right, it’s important to fight back rather than fold or your little one will end up running rings around you and try to push you even further than you were originally willing to go. They need to know from being young that they can’t always have it their way. Life doesn’t work like that and the sooner they realise it- the better.

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