Numerology is the study of numbers and the impact these can have on a person’s present and future. So, as today it’s the ninth of the month, we are focusing on what being born on this day means for your little one.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Babies born on the 9th of the month are…

Charismatic: From being very small, your child will be a magnet for others thanks to their natural charm. While you may be comfortable with this while they are in your care and under your supervision, once they get older, this could get them into trouble. Make them aware of the pull they have on others and how this can attract the wrong sort of person. Try to teach them how to detect when someone isn’t being genuine and when they are. Ideally they should spend time with people who will embrace their magnetism rather than take advantage of it. 

Worldly: Your child will want to experience as much as they can from being little- they will thrive if you constantly give them new activities to do and take them to new places. The more they can experience about the world, the happier they will be. They are sure to be a conversationalist and an interesting person the older they get thanks to the tales they will have to tell. While these are attractive qualities for prospective partners and meaningful friendships, a worldly person may have so many stories that they are prone to oversharing and dominate at social gatherings. Be sure to let your child know that however much life experience they have had, others should be allowed the space to talk and their story valued. 

Sophisticated: Your child will develop a good understanding for the way people behave which might even lead to a career in this field of work. They may also develop a respectable knowledge of culture and fashion. Sadly, sophistication can sometimes lead to snobbery if others don’t share the same level of information or facts. It’s your role as their parent to teach your child that people’s expertise lie in different areas and while they might have a vast knowledge within one area, they will certainly be lacking in another. The beauty of fruitful conversation is the coming together of all these different topics. 

Accident Prone: Babies born on the 9th need to be watched closely because accidents befall them more than babies born on any other day of the month. Try not to get distracted while they are little so you can keep them safe and as they get older- explain to them how their actions could play out so they are aware of the potential repercussions. They will most probably grow up to be an adrenaline junkie as they feel no or less fear than those around them, just reinforce the importance of doing everything that carries risk with professionals and in the safest environment they can provide. 

Short Tempered: Babes born on this day will have a temper and it won’t take much to set it off. Try to ascertain what it is that activates this side of their personality and aim to avoid these topics of conversation or suggestions if you know it will only end in bad feeling. Make them aware that this can swiftly drive people away so it’s important they learn to control it before it gets them into trouble in their personal or professional life.  

Resourceful: A trait that will serve them well throughout their life is resourcefulness. Your child will be able to find their way out of tricky situations by being clever and thinking about how to overcome difficulties before they act. You will be grateful to have them around on more than one occasion if you aren’t wired the same way. There are very few downsides to this personality trait, so it’s in their interest that you encourage it for as long as they are in your care. 

Extreme: When your little one experiences any sort of emotion, it will be to the extreme. It’s vital that when they react so wildly to something- you bring them back down to a more manageable level. With practice, this may become easier for both of you, however it will prove to be a problem for new people that enter their life as they get older. Friends and partners will need to know what to expect and how to deal with such outbursts so it’s important that they are prepared. 

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