Some would argue that we are all connected within the universe and numerology is a means to making sense of this connection by using numbers as our tools. Numbers can guide us in figuring out our path in life and the number six is no different. If your baby was born on the sixth of the month or is indeed due on the sixth- here’s what their future self will look like. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Loving life: Number sixes enjoy life to the full, if there is some fun to be had, they will gravitate towards it because they want to live in the moment. While this is a positive outlook to have, it can also mean that they will struggle to plan for the future because they are so swept up in the present. Try to teach them that a little forethought can be beneficial from a young age so they know where they are headed. 
  2. Little worry for others: Don’t take it personally but your child will grow up to be someone who isn’t preoccupied with the woes of those around them- including you. They prefer to maintain a positive frame of mind and hearing of other people’s issues can interfere with their buzz. This may come across as selfish, however it is a coping mechanism used by many sixes to get them through the day. This can be sustained while all is well within their bubble however when something goes wrong to those closest to them, they will be hit hard with emotion. Be there for them when this happens so you can comfort them in their time of need. 
  3. Do without: Sixes will go without for the greater good. What I mean by this is they will cut back in order to get out of debt and survive on much less to accommodate a new responsibility, such as a mortgage or family. They won’t view it as deprivation but more a necessity and will be able to keep the bigger picture in mind throughout. Noone can deny this is an admirable quality, just be sure that your child doesn’t take things too far and deny themselves of the basics for the sake of supporting others. This trait has the potential to go the extreme. 
  4. Appreciate natural beauty: Your child will see beauty in the simple and little things from being small- a characteristic that you should champion as soon as you notice it happening. This is easily lost as one gets older so try to help them sustain the pleasure derived from simple things rather than relying on more complex versions of entertainment as this can lead to feelings of emptiness. 
  5. Social status: Your child’s social status will be very important to them as they grow in years. They will want to be the centre of all the action, be the natural host at parties and the organiser of events involving others. While most people would happily pass the baton to someone else when it comes to being at the heart of the social hub, it can become an expectation. Teach your child that it’s ok to sit back and let someone else do the work for a change. 
  6. Country boy/girl at heart: Chances are, when your child reaches an age where they want to have their own place, they will opt for a rural as opposed to an urban setting. The hustle and bustle of town and city life will be appealing to them at some point in their life, but they will grow tired of all the negatives associated with this location and crave more of the quiet life regardless of where they are brought up. If you are very much pro urban life- support their decision to be different, even if it clashes with your own vision. 
  7. Teacher and guide: Your child will take great pleasure in being able to pass on their knowledge and skills to others. This may turn out to be their profession if they go into teaching or perhaps they will shine most in their personal life when others seek out their expertise in something they have a passion for outside of their career. If they try to bestow their knowledge on you and you already know the answer- let them do it anyway because it will make them feel good about themselves. 

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