There are so many things that define a baby born on the twentieth of the month- but we have focused on just seven of the main traits. So, if you are a parent of a child born on this day, here is what you can expect- or maybe you are starting to see some of these already. 

Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Babies born on the 20th are…

Decent: Your child will be respectful of others and especially you as they grow. This will make them popular with people in authority such as teachers and lecturers as they will look up to their elders but also in friendship circles and relationships too. While there seems to be no downsides of this aspect of their personality, others may not understand such admirable qualities so it’s important they realise that not all people will share their values. 

Impressionable: Your baby will be easily influenced by others, which may be positive in some regards but there’s also a problem associated with this characteristic and that’s when someone wants to lead them astray for their own gains. Be sure to teach them that not everyone has good intentions and when someone doesn’t seem genuine, it’s probably because they aren’t. 

Easily influenced by their environment: This could be in the form of how people are acting around them or simply the place in which they find themselves. As a parent, try to make sure that your home is a welcoming environment and one they feel safe in. This is the easiest way to ensure home is where their heart really lies and where they can express themselves fully. If you are experiencing any negativity, it’s best not to let this filter down to their level as it will have a massive impact on them too- that is until you feel they are mature enough to handle it. 

Balanced: Your baby will feel much better about their world if everything is in balance. As soon as this starts to tip in the wrong direction, they will struggle to cope. Try to identify from a young age what balance looks like to them- it may come in the form of routine or an equilibrium between school/college/university/work and their homelife. As soon as you can figure this out, you can provide what they need accordingly. 

Warm: Your child will be warm from the day they are born, and by this I mean that they will be affectionate and enthusiastic around you and others too. They will make friends and attract relationships easily because of how easy they are to be around, but you should make them aware that not everyone forges connections so effortlessly and to go easy on those who don’t. 

Set in their ways: This is an extension of balance- once they establish what brings them peace- this will be something they rely on for contentment and happiness. Anyone who comes along to try and alter this state will make your child nervous. Try to instil in them that change can be good and their way is not always going to be the best way- and that’s ok. 

Moral: Your child will be concerned with what’s right and wrong from being small. Anything they deem to be wrong will immediately unsettle them. While this will likely keep them out of trouble, they may struggle to see the greys when there are other factors at play. It will be your role to try and get them to see in between the two polar opposites to afford others some leniency.

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