Numerology is the study of the numbers and the meaning behind each one. It’s important to learn how these numbers impact on our lives, so if your baby is born on the 21st of the month, their traits will be unique to their number, thus setting them apart from babies born on other days in the calendar. Here is what you can expect from a baby born on the 21st…

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Communicators: Your baby will have no issues when it comes to their social life. 21s are built for socialising which makes them excellent in roles such as journalism, editing and sales. They are imaginative and creative so they are always the life and soul of the party. People are naturally drawn to their boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. While this is seen as a huge plus point for many, as their parents you will have to rein them in at times if they get too giddy. 

Selfish: 21s care about others but they will always make sure their own needs are met first. While this is often advised before helping those around you, they can fall foul of being selfish. Try to help your child look outside themselves in certain situations so they don’t grow up thinking the whole world revolves around them. 

Hardworking: Your child will learn fast that they will only get out of life what they put in. If at any point they try to take the foot off the pedal they will find that life doesn't go their way. Consequently they will work hard for whatever they achieve as they know it’s the only way to get what they want. They will struggle to understand those who seem to get a free ride in life and may even be jealous of them. Try to remind your child that while others may seem to have things easy in certain areas, they will be trying incredibly hard to maintain parts of their world that others can’t see. 

Distracted: 21s have to love what they are doing or they can easily procrastinate. This may be at its worst while they are at school and being forced into learning about things they aren't interested in. Try to instil in them that they need to try hard during these crucial years in order to reach a point where they can have choices. They will fight hard to do something they are passionate about as a career as they won’t be able to sustain something for the wrong reasons, so support their happiness rather than focusing on their paycheck.

Caretakers: While 21s will always think of number one before all else, they do care about and will give to others too. Your child will turn out to be a great parent if they grow up wanting offspring because they have a lot of love to pass on. The best way you can nurture this side of their personality is to be a loving and giving parent yourself to set the example early. If they grow up knowing nothing else, it will come easy to them as they age. 

Distance: Your child will probably want to spend some of their years away from home, whether this is to move away for education or to travel to other countries, but rest assured, they will always come back to you. You don’t have to worry about them staying away for too long because they know where their heart lies. Encourage any life experience that comes their way and be patient for their return. 

Paranoid: Your child may grow up to feel paranoid about other people’s opinions and thoughts of them. If they are left for too long, their nerves will get the better of them and this could result in problems at home during their younger years. Try to encourage your child to only deal with things that have been said or done rather than ‘what if’ scenarios so they have something tangible to deal with. 

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