Within numerology, the most important date on a person’s chart is their birthday. This can give people, specifically parents, a keen insight into what to expect as their child grows and what their future might hold. So here are just a few things to look out for if you’re a parent of a baby born on the 28th of the month…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Independence: Your toddler will have a fierce drive to do things themselves and a curiosity that means they will ask you to show them how to do things rather than defaulting and letting you take over. While this will help them to learn faster than other children who don’t have the same desire, it can lead to danger too. They may think they are capable of more than they actually are so encourage their inquisiveness but make sure they know what their capabilities are too. 

Ambition: Your baby will grow up to be a young adult who wants to progress in their chosen field of work. Success will be important to them which might show itself early on in school. While every parent wants their child to be successful, it’s vital that they don’t let their drive for accomplishment overtake other things in their life. Try to help them find a balance between all areas of their world and not let one eclipse the other. 

Competitiveness/Jealousy: Ambition often leads to competitiveness and you might spot this in your child if they have siblings or with other children they come into contact with such as cousins and kids at nursery or school. If they do show signs of jealousy for what other people have, make it your mission to keep them grounded and not to let them become consumed by this emotion. Healthy competition is good but anything more can monopolise a person’s efforts and time. 

Intelligence: Babies born on the 28th generally have a good head on their shoulders. They will do well in all stages of their academic life, however this knowledge might not always extend to effective interactions with others. If their social intelligence isn’t as adept as their academic performance, try to help them in their interactions with others by making them aware of the impact of their words and body language. 

Popular: One thing your baby won’t be short of is company when they get older. They will attract friends and be well liked in their working environment. While this is a blessing, try to get your child to understand the difference between people who truly value their company and those who have other motives. Popular people often have a lot of enemies so it’s important that your child learns the price of such admiration. 

Stubbornness: 28 babies are thought to be stubborn and unwavering in their beliefs. If you detect this in your little one, sadly the very nature of this trait means they won’t be open to compromise, however if you remain consistent in your flexibility, they might yield a little. Their rigid ways could get them into trouble in their working and romantic life as they grow in years, but making them aware of it and the consequences it can have, might be the only thing you can do as their guardian.   

Honesty: Babies born on this day are fans of the truth, which is great for you as a parent as they won’t be able to lie to you and if they try, you will know instantly. Honesty is such a wonderful quality in a child and as an adult, however it can be offensive at times too, depending on which end of the scale you are talking about. Be sure your child knows when it’s appropriate to tell the whole truth and when a little deviation from it is wise. This will save them from a lot of awkward situations in their future if you do. 

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