If you’re expecting your little bundle of joy on the 22nd April or this is your baby’s birthday – then what a special day to be born on! The number twenty-two is considered in numerology as a master number, thanks to the uniqueness of the repetitive numbers. Babies born on this highly distinctive day will attract and empower many special gifts from birth through to adulthood.

What does your babies birthday tell you about them? Photo credit: Elena Pasenko / Alamy Stock Photo

What does your babies birthday tell you about them? Photo credit: Elena Pasenko / Alamy Stock Photo

Lucky Colours: Pink and Silver

Lucy Numbers: 4 and 8

Lucky Jewels: Emerald

Celebrity Birthdays: Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Machine Gun Kelly, Jeffery Morgan, Amber Heard

Leader: Babies born on the 22nd are natural leaders. They thrive of the responsibility of leadership and overseeing large projects. Your child will be very charismatic and have great strength when it comes to decision making. Twenty-two babies want to achieve great things and do so by sticking to their morals and maintaining idealistic decisions. They also lean into their intuition which makes for an ideal leader.

Perfectionist: Your baby may want to take the reins, but in doing so, he/she will be determined to achieve 100% success rate in whatever they are involved in. But your child knows that this doesn’t come easily – their willingness and eagerness will motivate them to achieve great things by putting in the hard work and the long hours. Luckily, babies born on the 22nd will be very organised and attention to detail be astounding. Their mantra will be – work hard, play hard!

Friendly: Your baby will be sure to have a big group of friends. They will be the centre of attention and flourish when socialising. They will make new friends wherever they go – kids parties filling up parents diaries, will be the norm. Babies born on the twenty-second attract unusual and love to live a little dangerously – bare this in mind when your child is making 101 plans during the summer holidays.

Intelligent: Babies born on the 22nd are super intelligent. Your child will thrive in intellectual conversations and retain information which will be used to their advantage. Working with others and dealing with difficult situations will be their forte. You may find that as they grow older, they take a keen interest in business or politics, perfect for a natural born leader.

Thrives off challenges: If being a leader wasn’t enough, your baby will get a buzz from challenging themselves. As newborns, we love to see our littles ones take their first steps and say their first word. Well, you may not be waiting long if you have a taurus baby! Their competitive energy will win the confidence of others and have them creating many cheerleaders along the way.

Difficulty trusting people: Your Taurus baby may have a hard time trusting others. They will be very cautious of people initially, particularly those who bring ‘bad vibes,’ but once the dust settles they will be more than welcoming.

Imaginative: Taurus babies will enjoy running away with their imagination. Whether it’s during play time or as they get older in social or work environments, they will never be short of ideas!

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