The day your baby is or was born can significantly impact them as a person and their personality. Numerology depicts the characteristics of your little bundle of joy and how you can encourage their unique traits.

What does it mean to be born on the 29th April? Photo credit: Tetra Images, LLC/Alamy

What does it mean to be born on the 29th April? Photo credit: Tetra Images, LLC/Alamy

Lucky number: 2 and 8

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky stone: Emerald

Celebrity Birthdays (April 29th): Uma Therman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathrine Langford, Willie Nelson, Daniel-Day Lewis

Passionate: On the outside looking in, babies born on the 29th of April will appear unapproachable when it comes to love. This is down to the fear of rejection and introverted tendencies. Nevertheless, your child with be extremely loving once comfortable and will respond incredibly to intimate gestures. The bond between you and your child will be indestructible.

Enthusiastic: Babies born on this date tend to overdo it more often than not and are renowned for burning the candle at both ends. Your child will enjoy pushing themselves beyond their capacity, but this could impact their mental and physical health. He or she will find it difficult to function when exhausted and have all of their bouncy energy drained. The key is to do everything in moderation.

Intriguing: Your child will be an expert in conversation starters and will be overly happy to share stories of his or her experiences in life. They will be very charismatic and humorous when holding conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. Your baby will be the life and soul of the party!

Competitive: Babies born on the 29th will be extremely competitive. So if you don’t like losing yourself – best to avoid any activities with a Taurus! They get a buzz from high energy games and won’t be afraid to rub it in your face when they beat you! Be careful not to get too carried away, as the bursts of energy may not end well.

Generous: Your child will have the biggest heart when it comes to family and friends. They will take pride in being generous and will leave them feeling good. Your baby will want to take care of loved ones and spoil them, particularly when it comes to birthdays and other celebrations.

Positive: Your baby will see the positives in life. He or she will have their glass half full and flourish in spreading the positivity like confetti! They will be the perfect person to seek advice and will leave you walking away with a big, cheesy smile on your face.

Loner: Despite your baby embracing positivity and thriving from social situations, Taurus babies will also enjoy their own company too. Your child will take a step back, every once in a while, to recharge. Once they have refuelled, they will take centre stage in all aspects of their life and be their fun, loving, chatty self.

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