To celebrate Father's Day 2022, the writers at Female First have written an open letter to their husbands, both of whom have gone above and beyond for their partners and their daughters...

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Written by Holly Mosley, Features Writer 

Dear Jamie, 

I was confident when we had our little girl that you would be an amazing father; I’d already seen you co-parent your son for the last ten years of his life since we’d been together so I knew that your patience, tenderness and generosity knew no bounds when it came to your children. That being said, I didn’t know what you’d be like with a baby or toddler - and a daughter no less. 

You seemed as uncertain as me at first; after all, it had been a long time since you’d had an infant to look after; but once Beatrix finally arrived, I turned to you for guidance and you held my hand every step of the way. You showed me how to change nappies and dress her, you helped me feed her and stayed up all night with me as I cried through the sleep deprivation. You taught me to stay calm through the incessant crying and you still guide me through the temper tantrums with compassion and serenity which has helped me enormously. 

When Beatrix was on formula, you’d be the one to get up at night, make the bottles and feed her to sleep. To this day you get up in the middle of the night to soothe our child. You leave me to lie in on weekends while you make her breakfast. You help me with our evening routine and cradle her to sleep every night. Whenever you’re home you put in as much work as possible and allow me to rest, knowing that my physical and mental health issues leave me too exhausted to do anything. You never get a break. You look as tired as me most of the time but you’ve never once complained or showed any resentment towards me.

I often leave you at home at least an evening a week, but you’re always happy to fly solo; you appreciate my need to be someone other than “mum” occasionally, even though you rarely get to be anyone else except “dad”. You have sacrificed more than I ever meant for you to as we raise our fantastic daughter, but nothing I ask of you is ever too much trouble.

The biggest thing you’ve done for me is to make sure I’ve never felt alone. And the fact that you’ve done that for Beatrix too, I believe, has made her into the confident and happy child she is today. Happy Father’s Day.

Love Holly

Written by Lucy Walton Lange, Editor 

Dear J, 

I always knew you would slip into the fatherhood role easily because from the day we met, you’ve always looked after me. 

You have an instinct to protect and provide for the people you love and it was no different when our first daughter came along- if anything it only intensified. 

My heart swells when I see you playing together and when I’m walking behind you both when you’re hand in hand. She looks at you with such adoration- a relationship I am all too familiar with given my closeness with my own dad. There is a special bond between fathers and daughters and I have the privilege to see that blossom every day. 

When our second daughter came into the world, you had just as much love in your heart for her too. Given her first word was ‘dada’ I think that is testament to how much she loves you in return, despite not being able to say so just yet. 

You light up when either of them reaches a new milestone and you encourage both of them to be independent and to push boundaries- something I know will serve them well in the future. 

I’m confident that with your influence and example they will become ambitious, accomplished young women who will know their own mind. They will also have high standards when seeking out a partner of their own because of how you treat me. 

Playing games, having fun and being silly with our girls comes so naturally to you and seeing you giggling with one another is a joy to behold. 

Thank you for sharing the parenting journey equally with me and for being so involved. I could not have done any of it without you. You were by my side throughout my labours, have shared the night time feeds, changed your fair share of dirty nappies and negotiated the tantrums. You have endured the tears from all three of us- often at the same time.

You’ve always supported my dreams and I know you will do the same for our babies when they are all grown up. 

I am grateful for it all and for what I know you will do for us in the future.  

Wishing you a very happy Father’s Day.

All my love,

L xxx

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