Being a parent can be tough, especially when your child reaches their teenage years and it seems that mothers get the brunt of it from their daughters.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

New research now shows that everything a mother does for her daughter will finally be appreciated when her daughter reaches 23.

As part of Lil-Lets Becoming a Teen campaign they have researched into mother and daughter relationships and found some quite interesting results!

Mothers and daughters will have an average of 183 arguments during those stressful teenage years, mostly over being untidy, having an attitude and dating boys.

Thankfully though, as teens get older then begin to appreciate their mother more with 75 per cent saying they are grateful for the way their mother raised them.

Mary Young, Head of Marketing at Lil-Lets, said, “The relationship between mum and daughter can be testing during the teenage years but it’s clear that when a woman reaches her early twenties she appreciates her mum more than ever.

“It’s not unusual for a girl’s teenage years to be full of angst. Falling out with parents, worries about growing up and long chats over boys is probably the norm for most teenage girls. But as you get older you really learn to appreciate your mum and how much she did for you.”

A heart-warming fact was that seven in ten women said that without their mum, they wouldn’t be the person they are today and their mother shaped who they have become.